Refining The Way We Think
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Quiz- What Kind of Thinker Are You? 

Are You A Thinker? Try this Quiz to Find Out For Yourself
This was written for the people who read the Orientation posts and all other EOF posts. If you have not read them yet we suggest you read a few that can be found on this Site or you can find them on our Facebook profiles and groups. After you have read some of them come back and take this test and see if your a thinker and how conditioned we actually be by our beliefs.
Its also suggested reading this if your thinking of purchasing the Orientation books or wanting to do the 1-year commitment Detox Your Mind Coaching.

Which one of the 5 ways best describes the way you read the EOF articles?
Can you now see for yourself how deep the conditioned confused rabbit hole is and why so many freak out when we go deep?

These descriptions are not meant to promote identification with any of the descriptions. They serve as a self-guide towards deeper understanding, a way to observe your own dismantling process, a mirror for those who are reading and participating in or just wanting to better understand the EOF.

The 1st way:
A person reads the EOF content and gets offended right away or they are unable to understand. They think the posts should be written in a more simple way, so they get mad and give up, discounting the whole thing. They may even delete and block us, or never look at the posts or consider them again as it’s too much for them to even go there. They do not want to consider that perhaps the posts are written in a challenging way to stimulate the mind to think. They simply do not want to think. They refuse to think. These are the ones who get upset with the posts thinking that they are too harsh. They do not like to read or hear that they are conditioned. They are most likely to say, “How dare they say that I and everyone is conditioned, they do not know me.”  These people do not want to bother to find out for themselves. They do not ask: what do they mean that we are conditioned? I want to know.” They do not have any internal curiosity they only want the quick fix easy motivational answer. When they see what we write about beliefs they immediately assume and ask. “They are saying all beliefs are bad, that’s judgmental.” They do not bother to find out for themselves that we are not at all saying all beliefs are bad but we strongly suggest we see the psychological mess it makes when we identify personally with the beliefs thinking that they are their beliefs because they are not that at all.  They rather just assume that the EOF just wants consensus or money or some hidden agenda. Thus they go on to continue living their life in a limbo, never again considering their mind or their conditioning and continue to struggle and suffer unnecessarily for the rest of their life. This is the majority unfortunately :(

Some of these people might not get mad but are too lazy to think because it just seems like too much work. So even though they feel it probably is helpful, they'd rather just watch TV or do something mindless. And they keep seeing the posts pop up and their instinct says to read, but then their tired exhausted minds just feel like it's too much work. They give up instead of giving it a chance to read little by little, picking up bits and not feeling like they have to understand everything in entirety right away.

The 2nd way:
 A person reads the EOF posts and gets offended, so they look at the author and say “oh he/she is full of ego. They are so arrogant. This is too offensive, who are they and what qualifications do they have to say that everyone even the masters are conditioned. They have negative energy. They are evil. Why don’t they say god is the truth? I am going to prove they are full of themselves and a fake. They just want everyone to think like them and agree with them. What’s wrong with having a belief system? The EOF seems like a belief system to me. They think they know it all, that everyone is wrong/stupid and they are right. Why can’t they be more gentle and promote love? etc.
Or they look at the spelling and grammar and say “Well they must not know what they are talking about because they cannot even write properly, they must not be that smart or know what they are talking about after all. But I do because I am smart I know how to spell and promote myself in the proper way. I am a good slave. These EOF people do not take themselves and their work seriously because they are not professional.” This is a good indication that the person is conditioned and not thinking trying to protect their beliefs rather than inquire about the content.

These people never think that perhaps we do this because it’s to indicate that we do not care what others think and are using this as an example to rebel against the authority of how things should be, follow the rules. There is something more important than grammar damn it and that is your mind and your freedom.
Even if the spelling and grammar were perfect they would still find a reason to attack the author and the content, picking out what they agree and disagree with, rather than considering the content as a whole. This is because it’s not telling them what they want to hear and they are very challenged, and feel threatened to think in ways they never have before. Because it’s something different it’s immediately perceived as not good. This is another indication that your conditioning is thinking and reading for you, not you. These people are fragmented in their thinking. Thus the person may keep reading the posts but only to argue, fight and find fault so as to defend and protect their conditioning and to look smart hiding their confusion and mess avoiding thinking altogether, thus outsmarting themselves out of their own psychological freedom. That’s very smart indeed.

The 3rd way:
 A person reads the EOF posts is the intellectual conditioned way in which a person can understand the content but they think of it only looking and considering other people. They read it and say, “Yes, others do this. Yes, I know this person does this. I know this already, it’s nothing new; they remind me of this spiritual speaker. I see it, and the others need to dismantle so they can be free or like me. I will keep reading these posts so I will become smarter, conscious, free, and so I can have the truth at last.” As you see this person is also reading and thinking through conditioning because they refuse to see themselves in these posts, they refuse to see their own conditioning, to look at themselves. They only want to see and talk about others’ confusion. If you bring up their own confusion they will freak out and start to attack us. Therefore their conditioning keeps itself safe, because the person is still not thinking or understanding profoundly with the totality of their mind, they are still fragmented. They are most likely to say, “well the posts are good but they need to be less offensive, then they will be more successful in reaching people.” Which means I am afraid what others will think if I show this to others so its better for them to be fake, less intense and water down their message. They may also make the EOF into their new drug or their guru, these people want to dismantle but bring their beliefs of their dreams, astral travel, or god, or values. These are all conditioning's and beliefs and they are simply not compatible with the EOF and the dismantling process. One has to be willing to leave all their broken toys behind. We the EOF are also not interested in being successful we do not want to reach just anyone we are only interested in reaching the thinkers, we only want others to think. The posts are specially written as a filtering process. The people that compare or put us on a pedestal are not thinking, or understanding they are just looking to replace one belief with another assuming that is dismantling. Another thing these people may say is "The EOF is going to make me into a winner, to succeed, to be happy and enlightened all of this is also conditioning that will must be dismantled in order to experience psychological freedom."
They are also the ones who get enthused/excited about the project, but they think through the enthusiasm which takes their focus and sets them up for high hopes and thus not clear thinking which then leads to disappointment cause the enthusiasm is thinking for them rather than observing the enthusiasm. When

a person says, "we should be more positive or follow our hearts in these

posts" what they are really saying by "follow your heart," is to still not think, and to fragment the

mind, as the heart is very blind and bias and unable to see things in

its totality indeed so many have messed up their life cause they

followed their heart rather than think. As for,

"why not just promote positivity in their EOF posts, it's too depressing for me"... to say

that is to ask us to be fake and lie pretend everything is ok when it

is so not and will be even worse by ignoring what we do not want to

see and only seeing what we want how we want that is an act of violence.

Yes the posts can be depressing and a bitter pill to swallow but its

reality and we must face it for what it does not give it a makeover into

something it's not so we can maintain or nonthinking conditioned ways.

These are the people that agree with everything we post and compliment it all the time; they will even share the EOF posts on their own wall. They are the ones that will most likely send us private messages saying:
“Thank you,”
“You’re really enlightened,”
“You made my day,”
“I know you speak the truth,”
“god bless you,”
“You are doing god’s work, “
“Peace love and light.”
If a person says these things to us then you can guarantee they do not understand the posts or the project at all. For if a person says, “Thank you,” Then they’re looking to the writer as being something special or beyond them. They think it is because of EOF that they understand the posts. But really it’s not because of the EOF at all but because of the person who said, “thank you.” That is because of the reader that they understand the posts not the writers thus if they really truly understood they should be thanking themselves instead.

If the person says that, “we made their day,” that indicates that they are reading and selecting what they like from the posts and discarding the rest. If they understood they would not care about their day being made, because it’s easy to make a person’s day, but what about all their tomorrows? This person will usually make the EOF posts into their new motivational drug, rather than to think and see themselves as addicts. If they were observing and thinking they would not want to do that anymore. If they understood the EOF posts they would never say such a thing as “you made my day.”

Another classic we get that indicates a person did not understand is when they say, “I know you speak the truth.” This person does not understand because they would see that the author does not care about the truth at all, and the reader can’t see why because it is not important and is actually part of the problem: the fact that so many are searching and so many always want the truth, as it is another addiction. This indicates mind fragmentation and shows us yet again we are not thinking, that our conditioning is thinking for us.

Then there is “god bless you,” that indicates the reader is still thinking in and through their conditioning. How can a manufactured idea bless us? And why should we care if he blesses us or not? What about others? And bless what? In what way? What for? To feed another delusion? Why do we make this god figure into an authority in our mind so much so that we cannot think beyond? This kind of conditioning acts like a wall in the psyche, as the be-all and end-all. Do you see? A person who understands and is thinking would see this thought or common saying, and be more than willing to inquire past it they would try to challenge this beastly conditioning, to take off the pretty wrapping to see what it really is.

Then there is, “you are doing god’s work.” What is that? What does it mean? The EOF will respond with, “No that is not it; not at all.” Then a rhetorical non-thinker says “well if it’s not gods work then it must be the devil’s work” and then they attack us. They do not see that to believe in a god is to believe in the devil and vice versa, but that is aside from the point. If we give such merit to either one, which are both inventions of the mind, then we immediately fragment the mind yet again and are not thinking. Again we find ourselves at the mercy of duality, separation type thinking, swinging back and forth from one to the other side, not sure which one it is. It is neither. But few think about this, few see that the god and the devil or good and bad, right and wrong are actually two sides to the same coin of a mind trap never ending limbo. For if we saw that then we would know there is an option besides the two: we can choose neither, and thus we choose to be a thinker, to see past this ridiculousness and refuse to play that game, refuse to flip the coin, instead we throw the coin away.

Then there is the new age favorite saying, “peace love and light.” What this indicates to us is, “I am not thinking, I speak through my past conditioning. I want to be seen as a good, nice and conscious person to you. So I say this as I think it sounds good and I am profoundly insecure. By saying this I know that it will get me the consensus I need, and I am speaking from my heart and it’s the new age slogan of awakening that I am massively conditioned with.” But really what they are saying is “I am a slave to my past beliefs. I do not think and I do not want to think. I just say love is the answer but yet the world is a mess, my life is a mess and I refuse to take my rose colored glasses off and look at the world and myself as it is. I refuse to see that with my new age conditioning of ‘peace, love, and light’ I am being negligent and violent. I refuse to see I am spreading it like a nasty virus. I refuse to see what is behind what I am repeating.” They are also indicating in that statement “I refuse to see the violence and confusion that stem from love or that by continuing to talk in this way I am actually not sending love, I am sending you confusion and garbage because I do not know what I am really saying I am just mindlessly repeating what I have been told.

To say you send ‘light’ is to say you’re blind and only choose the light side, shunning the dark, therefore shunning balance, and that you wish the same for others, to be equally blind as you, the person saying this statement. Can this person think about what they think, what they play over and over in their minds as their own personal mantras? Can this person think about the common things they say and wonder if it is them or their conditioning? Can they see they were not born with this kind of conditioning? Can they see that it is not natural? So you see, they may agree with what the EOF posts but they clearly still do not understand them at all because they just want to look good, conscious and smart. But it is clear they do not get it because they are still not thinking, and if you’re not thinking, you’re not understanding the EOF posts.

The 4th way:
 A person reads the posts is by immediately taking every word personally, like it’s written just for them. They may feel personally attacked or singled out. They do not see others, they see only themselves and this is too much for them. They identify with all the content where they start to judge themselves in a harsh way saying, “oh my gosh, these posts make me depressed but I am addicted to them. I can see how confused and conditioned I am. I am the worst person ever. I am such a mess. I am hopeless. The world is a mess and totally screwed. I am totally overwhelmed by my mess and confusion. I am angry and frustrated at the EOF and myself because they showed this to me, and now I do not know what to do. I do not know how to live or how to think now. I see the mess in the world I see it for what it is all the craziness and I am responsible for it all. I can see how my conditioned mind adds to this and it makes me sick. Nothing is real, it’s all illusions and conditioning in my head, I cannot live with myself. What can I do? I will never be like the EOF people they are more advanced then me. There must be a solution. Oh no the EOF says there is no solution, and now I cannot go back to my old comfortably numb ways. I want fun and distraction. Ok I am able to admit that and the world is a mess and confused, I see it and now what? I cannot think past this like the EOF suggests but I am trying to, but I am no good. What if I am never able to do it? I can’t do this it's too hard. I am a loser a failure. I am so stuck and am unable to free myself like others who seem to do it so easy there must surly be something wrong with me. I suck.”

This kind of person sinks in apathy anger and frustration even self-destruction, they do not know how to think past this self-blame. This is still not thinking because this leads to more confusion self-pity and this person wants consensus from the others or from anyone who will give that to them. They are not able to observe this pattern, this vicious circle, and what is really going on behind the scenes because they are not able to think past their identity or see they are not these thoughts. They are not able to read the EOF posts objectively, in a detached way. They are not able to see that they are not their idea of themselves. This is also not thinking. They are not thinking. They are still being rhetorical and responding from their conditioned mind.

The 5th and final way:
To read these posts is as a thinker and observer; these are the EOF pioneers that we are looking for. They are tired of the fakeness they are willing to inquire past all their beliefs and conditioning with a fresh mind and a sense of humor. These people are able to see all the patterns and phases of the mind that are talked about above, in all the 4 ways to read the EOF posts. This person is able to observe how the mind takes them through each one of these phases of rhetorical and conditioned thinking, but they are not struggling or victims of this understanding/realization. They instead find it interesting; they read the EOF posts like they are a James Bond agent or an eagle watching the whole field, not just one part of the field. Thus they can see all the parts and stratagems, traps the conditioned mind tries to set up for them. They do not get upset by this but even more interested and curious. They can see the mess, the confusion, the violence in the beliefs, in the world, in people they know, and they can see it in themselves. And yes, they feel discomfort, of course, they do not like it but, they do not try to push it away, nor do they complain or argue, or feel the need to fight or defend anything, or to distract themselves in mindless amusement. They are not spinning in circles, in seeking, as they know that all those things are not going to help in understanding the totality of the mess and their mind.
They do however get stuck in some ideas about the dismantling process and that is the shock they want to be shocked. Maybe it will happen for them maybe not. The more they dismantle the more the start to think and ask themselves, “but why do I want this shock? Is it a goal I am using to see if I am doing this properly or is this just another pot hole of conditioning to judge and compare myself to more illusions?”

They understand what it means to be in psychological alone-ness and this does not scare them. They are willing to go there too so as to handle themselves around other confused people that they have to put up with, until they can free themselves psychologically from them as well. They may be a bit nervous to do this but it does not stop them; it also makes them more determined, they are able to use this nervousness to their advantage rather than against them. As it’s their choice to live in psychological freedom, no one else’s. They are aware of the trap of controlling or repressing their thoughts or being fake around others anymore. They no longer care to please anyone any more or live in silent submission, but neither are they aggressive or forceful with others. They try to get others to understand, if others do not understand then it does not bother them as much as it did before. They see that they do not need to stress about these silly conditioning's anymore. They ask themselves, “but why should I care and struggle over this when it will just put my thinker mind in jeopardy? Which is totally not worth it.” They can see their conditioning's, consensus, desires, addictions, and beliefs for how ridiculous they really are, where as before it made them cry, now it makes them laugh and even see clearer as an observer and thinker.

So they continue to observe and think and thus see things clearly for what they are, and they get excited and want to help us promote the project. They can see how unique the project is, how necessary it is. They can see how we cannot do anything or understand anything if we do not first understand the mind first. They do not want to be a slave of their conditioning anymore they know they must dismantle any and all conditioning's even the ones that most think are “good” and “beautiful”. They can see it for what it is, and want to dismantle conditioning's no matter how challenging and frustrating it will be. This person is a thinker, very few are able to read the EOF posts in this way, right away.

For some it takes a couple of months, while some are able to right away smell some freedom, which is enough to further pursue the project through their curiosity. Some do this silently reading all the posts. They do not even hit the like button or make a comment but we know you’re there trying to understand, thinking, perhaps trying to apply in your own way what you get from the project or even silently promoting it until you’re ready to contact us. Then there are the ones that are not so silent and want to find out for themselves right away, so they either get a copy of the orientation books or do the 1 year coaching with us, and post on our walls, join the EOF facebook group of like minded thinkers and share their own personal stories of how they understand the project and their own dismantling stories, co-sharing and to understand and co thinking together.

For the majority of the people that read these posts, it takes a year or sometimes even more for them to understand. They usually struggle through and with all the phases listed above (like I did) but they never gave up, they are able to see their patterns and conditioning's and still struggle with them but less and less every time as they slowly dismantle their confusions, being less of a victim to them each time. Slowly they are able to see how conditioned they are/were and are even more determined to free up their thinker/observer selves. It’s not easy for them, it’s trial and error but they are determined to understand, to get it, to dismantle this conditioning and confusion, stupidity, violence from their psyche once and for all so as not to see history repeats itself; so as to live their life and build up the future in the unknown, in the totally new and thus be PSYCHOLOGICALLY ATTENTIVE.

That year gives them the tools to better understand their mind. It is like reading instructions on how to fly a plane, but it is up to that person if they want to actually fly the plane. And reading and understanding how to fly a plane are not the same as actually flying the plane. They know that their mind has been conditioned for their whole life and it has been this way throughout history, thus they know it does not end after the year. It’s a life time of work but life definitely gets more interesting and exciting after they make it past that first year, as they try out their psychological wings for the first time in a long time. Not since they were kids did they fly and now they are exploring fully and freely their wings, as they take flight in the skies of their mind with their psychological free wings.

this is why we set up the end of fear project for more info
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