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Diego Fontanive, born in Italy in 1973, is a tutor, writer, and speaker focusing on various fields including metacognition, critical thinking, theory of the mind, logic, cognitive approaches to AI development, deep thinking, high order thinking skills, education, memetics and metamemetics. He has a background in Political Science, Sociology, Critical Thinking, Modern History and Philosophy.

His main focus is in applying multilogicality to topics such as ideologies, dogmatic thinking and unquestioned common sense which reduce our ability to think clearly, therefore often resulting in irrational psychological and psychosocial suffering, logical fallacies, biased cognitive approaches, cognitive dissonance, meta-ignorance perpetuating our epistemic acceptances and various social iniquities. Diego accompanies people in following and decoding their thought processes using metametacognition. 

After becoming familiar with the contradictions embedded within the monological organisation and structure of our modern society, it became important for him to inquire, study and explain how all systems that come from ideologies, fallacies and cognitive biases fragment and distort our cognitive and psycho-social understanding of reality. He also proposes innovative programs for education & personal development based on a combination of approaches such as critical thinking, memetics, metamemetics, metacognition, multilogicality and high order thinking.

He was a member of the Board of Directors of A.A.International (2016-2018). He has written numerous articles / abstracts / speeches for the Psychological, Philosophical & Social Science community, analogous sociological institutions, social science conferences / congresses and the U.N.

A few speeches and published articles include:

- ''Towards a Science Of Consciousness'', Mind Events & University
    of Arizona, Stockholm, Sweden 2012.
- ''Human Security In the Balkans'', United Nations Congress,
    University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2014.  
- ''Logicality After Cardiac Arrest'', Survive & Thrive; a Journal Of
    Medical Humanities, University of St. Cloud, Minnesota,
    US, 2015.
- ''Europe and Europeanness exposed to plural observers'',
    7th EIO conference Europe inside-out, 2017.
- European Skeptics Congress ESC17, University of Wroclaw,
   Poland, 2017. 
- ConSymbol4 International Conference, Paul Valéry University of
   Montpelllier, France, 2017. 

- ETH Conference, University of Lille, France, 2018. 
- ''Teaching Logic and Prospects of its Development'' Conference
   University of Kyiv, Ukraine, 2018.
- ''Asking Big Questions Again'', 7th Euroacademia Forum of Critical
   Studies, University of Nice, France, 2018.
- 3rd International Mental Health Meeting Congress, Lisbon,
   Portugal, 2018.
- ICTEL19 International Conference of Teaching, Education and
   Learning, Univerisity of  Lisbon, Portugal, 2019.
- IICE Hawaii International Conference on Education, University of
   Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, 2019.
- ACEID19 The Asian Conference On Education & International
  Development, Toshi Center, Tokyo, Japan, 2019.
- GKA EDU 2019 International Congress On Education And
   Learning, University of Porto, Portugal, 2019.
- 39th Annual International Conference On Critical Thinking,
   UCLL University, Leuven, Belgium, 2019.
- AISB2019 ''Philosophy after AI'' Symposium & Convention,
   University of Falmouth, UK, 2019.

- CLMPST19 16th International Congress Of Logic, Methodology &
   Philosophy of Science & Technology, Prague, Czech Republic.
- GKAEDUTECH19, 3rd International Congress On Technologies in
   Education, 2019, Universite' Paris Diderot, Paris, France.
- ''Humans in a Technological World: The Anthropology of Technics'',
   Krakow, Poland (and on Second Life ), Jagiellonian University,
-  2nd World Neuron Congress: Neurology, Neuroscience & Future,
   2019 Paris, France
- GKAEDUTECH20, International Congress On Technologies in
   Education, 2020, University Tecmilenio, Cancun, Mexico.


  Over the years Diego has amassed thousands of hours of classes
  and sessions with hundreds of people from all over the world. 
- Critical Thinking
- Integrated Critical Thinking
- Design Thinking
- Thinking Ahead
- Thought Vs Thinking
- High Order Thinking Skills
- Prevention of Dogmatic Thinking & Cognitive

- Metamemetic thinking
- Multilogicality / Multidimensional Thinking
- Sound Accuracy
- Applied Logicality
- Rational Relationships
- Perception

- Critical Intelligence
- Improving Human Intelligence
- Metacognition
- Digital Selves And Future Cognition
- The State Of Human Cognition & Its Impact

  With Future Technology
- Philosophy of Robotics, AI & DML
- Selves VS Digital Selves
- Identity VS Digital Selves
- Healthy Self-Esteem, Unhealthy Self-Esteem,

  Digital Self-Esteem
- Political Science
- Theory Of The Mind
- Policy Making
- Thought Leadership
- Metaphilosophy And Philosophy of Science
- Memetics
- Human Rights
- Metamemetics
- Mental Health
- Human Solutions
- Isms And Beliefs
- Approaches about Non-Clinical Psychology
- Fake News Awareness / Decoding
- Modern Polarization
- Skepticism & Deduction
- Secularism
- Rational Philosophy
- Recovery From Fallacious Beliefs
- Epistemology
- Reason
- Rational Futurism
- Experimental Education
- Implementation Of Current & Future Education
- Metaeducation

​                          and other fields compatible with these topics. 
To request Diego to attend your event, work with Your team, or book a speaking engagement (English or Italian Language), please send a request  HERE      
Diego is willing to travel, participate and contribute with his proposals and knowledge to any event, workshop, project or initiative that focuses on topics related to:  



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